Monday, September 21, 2009

Do You Here Him?

I wanted to thank all of the faithful to this blog. I'm sorry that I haven't been the best blog host. Truth be told when I started this blog, I needed a ministry outlet to do the things that God has willed in my heart. That was to help people in their relationships and marriages. I had been counseling people in the church. Individual counseling, life coaching, and marriage counseling were most prodominate but my church decided that they didn't want to have a counseling ministry any longer and went in a different direction. We'll that in turn sent me in a different direction and when I couldn't find a church with an opportunity for me, I started this blog and a website to try to reach out to people across the internet. Although I have not recieved any negative input towards the blog, which by the way would be gracefully accepted I have not had the kind of response or even dialog opened up that I had hoped for. My hope is that in some small way it helped someone or their relationship.
So I will leave you with this last paragragh about God's will for your life and how he speaks to you. So many people I know look at me funny when I tell them things that God has told me or directed me to do and I must say it is kind of funny because I see the look on their faces and I know exactly what their thinking (he's crazy) but unlike most people in this world I don't concern myself with what people think of me. It only matters to me what God Almighty thinks and whether or not I am obedient to his word and his call no matter what it is he wants me to do. I say this because there are some people out there that God has asked them to do something that either just makes no sense to them or just doesn't seem like it could be possible in the natural and they freeze, they procrastinate, they allow Satan a foothold to give them that doubt and in disobedience to God they miss out on the blessing he had in store for them and the full abundant life he has promised to those who love, trust and obey him. This is the key to hearing him. First and foremost you must have had accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior then the phone lines are open. Think of it like this. You want phone service in your house. The phone company would love to give you a dial tone right now but you need to have a special person come to your house and hook up the line to the house first. The phone company has all the connectability you want and the accessibility you long for, the information is right there but you can't hear anything not until you have the line hooked up and until then no one has your number and can't call you. Jesus is our blinking red telephone line straight to the Father. We use a telephone to request or receive information about most things in our daily lives. Most of us would not know how to function without a telephone. Without the lines of communication open, without that red phone flashing for us to pick up and get the message we are fooling ourselves in our walk with Christ. Do we think this is what Jesus wants? He gave his life so he could live it through you. Do you think he doesn't want to give you some input on what he would like you to do. I have had people say to me I don't here God like you do but really they're saying to me they don't hear God at all. Oh they are believers but they fail to the level of obedience God requires, have not seeked him with their whole heart, or have just moved his name down their priority list. All of these examples are sin. If this speaks to your heart it's time to hit the floor. Get on your knees, repent, and turn your focus to the one who gives you life and everything in your life. The great news is his love never leaves us inspite of us and his mercies are new every morning. So seek his face he's waiting for you with arms wide open. I tell you these things because a time is coming, in fact it may already be here. The door is currently open but a day is coming when the door will be closed. Just as a train closes its doors when it leaves the station or as the gate is pulled away from a ship as it leaves port. If you miss the open door it will be to late. If you don't know Jesus cry out to him, ask him to be your your Lord and savior, ask for forgiveness for your sins, he who is faithful will answer you.


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